Deep Learning from the trenches: Object Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks  

Rather than theoretically trying to grasp how an end-to-end deep learning model works, it is more fruitful to dive in deep – and break it down to understand how individual components contribute to form the bigger picture.

This one-hour hack session is specifically designed to show you how to build deep learning models from ground up, to solve complex real life problem like object detection in an image. Here, we will take a healthcare case study  where our task is detecting RBCs/WBCs from a microscopic blood smear.



Faizan Shaikh

Faizan is Comp. Sc. undergrad, he is working as a Data Scientist at Analytics Vidhya. Being a Deep Learning Enthusiast, he aims to utilize his skills to push the boundaries of AI research. Faizan is avid blogger at Analytics Vidhya and has contributed to many articles to explain complex concepts of deep learning in simple manner.

Duration of Hack-Session: 1 hour

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